tiling tools

Tile Screw Jack Support

We often face a problem when sticking wall tiles: because the floor tiles have not been applied, the bottom tiles cannot be directly attached to the ground. At this time, we can use the tile supporter to solve this problem.

The tile support is a practical tool that can be placed under the tiles as a support, allowing the tiles to be firmly suspended in the air, freeing the hands of the construction workers. With the help of the tile supporter, construction personnel can focus more on other projects and improve the efficiency of the entire wall tile sticking project.

In addition, tile holders ensure that the tiles are level and accurate. When pasting tiles, it is very important to maintain the levelness and verticality of the tiles, which will directly affect the final decoration effect. The tile holder can firmly support the tiles to keep them in the correct position, ensuring that the pasted tiles are flat and firm.

Tile Spacer

When doing wall tile bonding projects, we often face a problem: it is difficult to accurately grasp the distance between the tiles. However, we are fortunate to have a product called tile spacers that help us achieve uniform and accurate spacing.

The tile spacer is a very useful tool. It can be erected between the tiles to effectively control the distance between the tiles to ensure that each tile can maintain a consistent interval, so that the entire wall tile bonding project presents a neat and orderly effect. With the help of tile spacers, construction personnel do not need to worry about the problem of uneven spacing, and can focus more on construction and improve the efficiency of project construction.

Additionally, tile spacers enhance the overall aesthetic. Precise spacing can ensure that the tiles are arranged neatly, so that the wall presents a unified and harmonious visual effect. Whether it is a renovated kitchen, bathroom or living room, the use of tile spacers can make the entire space more beautiful and generous, and improve the quality of decoration.

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