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Blow-out Pump

When drilling the wall, powder debris in the hole is often left, which will affect the subsequent engineering. However, we are lucky to have a pump that can easily blow out the powder in the hole.

A pump is a very useful tool. After the wall is drilled, just point the air pump at the hole and press lightly to blow out the powder in the hole, keeping the hole clean and tidy. With the help of the pump, the construction personnel no longer need to manually clean up the debris in the hole, which saves time and energy and improves the construction efficiency.

In addition, the pump can also improve the overall aesthetics. The residue of powder debris will affect the sticking effect of wall tiles. Using an air pump can reduce the residue of powder debris in the hole after drilling, ensure the smoothness and cleanness of the wall surface, and make the tile sticking project more beautiful. effect.

PVC Property Boundary Marker

When carrying out land boundary identification or cadastral survey, according to the requirements of the landmark management method, we need to prepare and bury our own landmarks. Especially when the landmarks are located on dirt ground, we can choose to use plastic landmarks to ensure the accuracy of the measurement and avoid land disputes due to unclear boundaries.

Plastic landmarks are a very useful tool. It can be easily buried in the soil ground as a point marker for surveying operations. Compared with landmarks made of other materials, plastic landmarks are easy to construct, lower in cost, and have anti-corrosion properties, making them more durable and durable.

In land surveying, the accuracy of measurements is of paramount importance. The use of plastic landmarks can ensure the accuracy of the measurement points and make the measurement results more reliable. At the same time, burying the landmarks below the ground can not only protect the landmarks from being accidentally moved or damaged, but also avoid disputes with future use of the land.

Customize PVC Tubing & Profile

Customize PVC Tubing & Profile
Our company is characterized by providing customized PVC round pipes and profiles. No matter what specifications, colors or features you need, we can design and manufacture according to your needs.

Customization is our advantage, we understand that every customer has unique needs and requirements. Therefore, we have rich experience and expertise to tailor PVC round pipes and profiles according to your specific requirements. You can choose different specifications and sizes, you can also freely choose your favorite color, and you can also choose the required characteristics according to specific application scenarios.

Our customization services not only provide variety and flexibility, but also ensure the quality and performance of the final product. We use high-quality PVC material to ensure the durability and stability of the product. Whether you need PVC round pipes or profiles, we will strictly control the production process to ensure that every detail meets your requirements.

Property Boundary Marker and Manual Blow Out Pump