roof drip edge trim

Roof Drip Edge Trim

Plastic water guide plate, also known as plastic drip strip, is a very practical product in house construction. When the exterior wall of the house is exposed to rain for a long time, it is easy to produce water stains, which will cause the exterior wall to be covered with black spots and affect the overall aesthetic feeling. In order to solve this problem, we can use plastic water-liquid guide plates and install them at the junction of building facades and planes such as balconies, window frames, wall tops, and roofs.

The function of the plastic water liquid guide plate is to prevent the rainwater from forming a series of dirty water marks hanging down on the wall. When raindrops fall on the plastic water guide plate, it will be guided to flow downward without forming water marks on the wall. This can effectively keep the wall clean, prevent the accumulation of dirt, and keep the appearance of the building beautiful and tidy for a long time.

The use of plastic water liquid guides can not only prevent dirt and water marks on the wall, but also prolong the service life of the building, reduce the frequency of maintenance and cleaning, and save maintenance costs. This makes the plastic water guide plate an indispensable and important product in house construction.

Aluminum Alloy Drip Edge Trim

Aluminum alloy water guide plate, also known as aluminum alloy drip strip, is a practical product to prevent water stains on the outer wall due to rain. The problem of water stains on the exterior wall seriously reduces the overall aesthetics, so the use of aluminum alloy water liquid guide plate can effectively solve this problem.

These products are made of aluminum alloy and treated with baking paint, so that they can not only prevent the wall from being dirty due to rain, but also modify the architectural lines and improve the aesthetic feeling of the building. In addition, due to the length or structural design of the aluminum alloy water guide plate itself, there may be problems such as turning, continuation, and edge sealing. In order to solve these problems, we can use corresponding joints to achieve the required functions.

The aluminum alloy water deflector is available in five paint colors, including white, beige, silver gray, coffee and matte black. These colors can not only effectively prevent dirt and water marks on the wall, but also can be selected in accordance with the overall exterior design of the building, modifying the architectural lines and improving the overall aesthetic feeling. This makes the building design more diverse and makes the facade more beautiful.

Roof Drip Edge Trim and Flat Roof Gutter Drip Trim